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Compassionate Care Giver/Certified Volunteer

Certified Volunteer allowed to visit 1:1 with elder/resident, allowed in elder/resident rooms. (I.e. Volunteers willing to do 1:1 visits, delivering mail to elders/residents rooms, etc.) Must be willing to submit to a background check, 2 step TB skin test, and volunteer orientation.

Registered Volunteer

A registered volunteer must stay in the common areas, observed by staff member or a certified volunteer. (i.e. students/co-op programs, specialty programs working with elders/residents, instructional teachers, leading group projects, facilitating group stories/group music sessions on a weekly or monthly basis etc.) No background check required. Must be willing to submit to a 2 step TB skin test.


Volunteers that come in as special guests and stay in common areas, or visit elders/residents that they already know. No background check or TB skin test required.

Group Volunteer

Volunteers that come in as a group and stay in the common area. (i.e. Churches/Communion groups, schools, clubs, etc.) No background check or TB skin test required.

In-Direct Volunteer

Volunteers that would like to participate in activities with our elders while not coming to the facility. Adopt a grandparent, pen pal program, send letters/cards to bring encouragement to the facility, participate with phone/video visits, window visits, window/sidewalk. No background check or TB skin test required.