At Signature HealthCARE we recognize that excellent care goes way beyond meeting the physical needs of our residents.  Every person is unique in personality, history, relationships, talents, beliefs, and habits.  The soul and spirit of a person need care as well as their body.

Encouraging Spiritual Growth & Health

At Signature, we strive to encourage each person’s spiritual growth and health.  Our hope is to encourage and strengthen each individual in their own understanding and practice of spirituality.  For some that will include religious services, studying scripture, or times of prayer. For others encouragement comes through a listening ear, a friendly smile, friendship, or connecting with the beauty of nature.

At Signature, one can choose to worship with others, worship privately, or not worship at all. It’s up to each resident to define their own path as we seek to facilitate opportunities for enrichment through the ministry of our full time chaplains, local ministers, volunteers, and other resources.

If you have a heart to serve others and to bring love, faith, and hope to our diverse residents – we invite you to discover the joy of volunteering with our spirituality department.